I've been baking for as long as I can remember!

My earliest memories are my Nana teaching me how to make scones, whilst standing on a stool at the kitchen counter (and no.......mine are still not as good as hers!)

I knew my work would always involve food, and studied Home Economics at both GCSE and A-level before graduating with a degree in Food Science (so I can sometimes get a bit techie!).

My life in the Food Industry began working for Sainsbury's - auditing factories who make the products you see on the shelves. This took me all over the world from Alabama to Bangkok (but more usually Grimsby or Glasgow!) 

I then moved into Product Development with Safeway working on everything from choosing the best varieties of pea to go into a bag of frozen peas (and getting to drive the harvester in the fields of Lincolnshire!) to developing Champagne Sorbet, Toffee and Pecan Roulades and frozen chips!

Before I opened Home Bake, I was working for a global company, helping to develop products for various sectors of the food industry from crisps and snacks to fresh meat.

I was always the person who brought cakes into the office - I LOVE baking, and find it very relaxing, so after a stressful week, what better way to relax? To ensure my husband and I did not eat ALL of the goodies, they had to be shared. I heard certain colleagues used to try and wind me up on a Friday to ensure they had goodies the following week! What they did not know, is that I would have baked anyway!

So why the big change? Well, that will be shared in an article later, but it is safe to say - life changing events make you look at things very differently!

All I know is, that I love to bake, and also love to help others, so why not combine the two?

Home Bake was born in February 2016 and so far the journey has been amazing!