So.....some of you have been admiring Bunshine in the shop window recently

I thought I would let you into how easy he was to make.

I found the tutorial on YouTube, but struggled to keep up with the video - so here are the screen shots!

Start with the ears so they have a little time to dry before you put them into the cake.

Roll out your fondant (I did dark brown, but in the pictures he is white - he could also be light brown, grey or whatever takes your fancy!)

Cut out 2 ear shapes, and then roll and cut out two similar shapes but smaller in pink fondant

ears 1

Place 2 supports (Straws, cocktail sticks or dowels depending on the size of your ears!) onto the larger piece, place the smaller pink piece over the top and curl the top over slightly. Leave to dry for a few minutes whilst you get on with the rest of the cake.

ears 2


Next do his nose, rolling out 2 egg shaped pieces of white fondant and a heart shaped piece of pink fondant


And then make his eyes. Roll out white fondant and cut 4 small circles out. Cut two of them down further to make crescent shapes



Now time to start assembly!

Cover your cake with your chose colour.

First add the eyes & nose pieces to the side of the cake


Then add a small roll of black fondant to depict the eyelashes.

Make his feet by Rolling a small piece of coloured fondant into a flatish ball shape. Make 2 snips in it to make 3 paws



Nest make some hair, by rolling out a few thin sausage shapes from coloured fondant and pile them up on top of one another.


Finally, add the ears and hair to the top of the cake to complete your Easter Bunny


This was my version.........