What you will need

1 Chocolate Orange

1 Large Bag of Maltesers (about 160g)

Chocolate (we used Candy Melts as they set quicker!)

White Chocolate (or Candy Melts)

Ruby / Red dusting powder


Green Fondant

Unwrap the Chocolate Orange (DON’T tap it first – you want it to stay in one piece!)

Gently melt the chocolate either in the microwave or over a pan of simmering water.

Place the orange on the top of a small glass (we used shot glasses)

Dip a Malteser into the melted chocolate and attach it to the top of the orange. Repeat this step, placing the Maltesers close to one another in a circular pattern.

When you get about half way down the orange, make sure all the Maltesers are set firm, and then flip the orange over, so that the top becomes the bottom.

Continue adding Maltesers, until you have covered the whole orange.

Attach the ‘pudding’ to a small cake card (we used a 4”)

Melt the white chocolate as before and allow to cool slightly (you don’t want to melt the choc off all your Maltesers!) Pour over the top of the pudding allowing it to flow naturally like cream.

Roll out the green fondant, and cut out holly leaves. Attach to the top of the pudding whilst the chocolate is still slightly tacky.

Tip some 100/1000’s into a small tub (it need a lid!)Add a small amount of the red dusting powder and shake to mix well

Add a Malteser to the tub and shake well – tadah – you have a glimmer red Malteser for the holly berry!

Spritz the whole pudding with some edible glitter, and allow to dry. Wrap in cellophane of put into a pretty box to give as a gift.

Alternatively, see how long you can wait before eating it!


Products available in store

Fondant Icing

Cake Cards

Candy Melts

Display boxes


Dusting Powders


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