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Large Poly Dowel 16"

Large Poly Dowel 16"

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Sold individually, these food safe 16" Poly-Dowels® ensure multi-tiered cakes get the best support possible. Poly-Dowels® are specially designed plastic dowels for building stacked and tiered cakes and are ideal for cakes over 3 tiers high.

What makes Poly-Dowels® so great? They are specifically engineered to hold an immense weight. Poly-Dowels have internal ridges for additional support. They pass through the cake, rather than compress it like traditional dowels. They are not prone to collapsing, so you can trust that they will hold your cake steady.

To use, simply cut your dowels to size, then push them into your cake.

Cut using pipe or pex tubing hand cutters. Easy to see when assembling a cake.

Disposable but can be reused (wash with hot water until all residue is removed).

Approximate measurements: length: 16"/400mm x diameter 5/8'' (15mm).